Welcome, dear friend.

A word. Any word. Even the word, “word.”

Whew…and just like that, all that heart-stopping, white-sick terror of the blank page is gone.

They say a lot of things about writing, some of it good, a lot of it junk, and most of it, who am I to say. But one of the good things they say is to start a blog. And there’s loads of reasons they’re right: to flex the muscles, increase the habit, build the audience, connect.

And so here we are. Or here you are (I’m not actually here, you know. I’d like to tell you I’m off doing very romantic, authory things, like drinking black coffee in a little hotel room where the original depression-era paper is peeling off the walls as I litter a waste basket with real, crumpled paper.

I’m probably scrolling Instagram).

But you’re not. You’re here. And there are no words, even from this wanna-be author, that can express how much that means to me.

Thank you for coming. Time is no superfluous thing, and I promise I will do my damndest to make it worth your while–with the writer’s journey, sneak peaks of an upcoming novel, book reviews, cover inspiration, author interviews, and whatever else I can conjure up.

Rock n roll,


4 responses to “Welcome, dear friend.”

    • Oh man, thanky ou so much Stuart! It’s so daunting, so the positive feedback means a lot! Thanks for following along and I’m psyched to read your stuff!


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