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  • Year in Review: My Word for 2022

    Year in Review: My Word for 2022

    “Pshhhhhew.” My daughter’s tiny hand soared slowly in front of my face as she mimicked the fireworks she was witnessing for the first time. I watched her, baffled by her absolute lack of fear. She gets that from her father. I wrapped my arms around her a little tighter and closed my eyes, the artillery […]

  • Should Everyone Like Your Work?

    Should Everyone Like Your Work?

    “YOU!” The stranger shouted at me from across the room. I was standing in a dark, seedy bar off Magazine Street in New Orleans, with stone floors older than some American cities, the slick grease of a thousand good nights under my stilettos. “Me?” I pointed at myself; my other hand busy keeping my ballgown […]

  • My Top 5 Books for Any Aspiring Writer

    My Top 5 Books for Any Aspiring Writer

    photo credit @1924usWhile the writing world is divided on prefaces, I’m going to start with one. Mostly to say that when it comes to writing, the best thing to do is to write. “How-To” books, in-person seminars, online courses, critique groups, and even brainstorming walks to the ice cream shop all serve as a means […]

  • What Grey Clouds Can do to a Routine

    What Grey Clouds Can do to a Routine

    “Motherf*%$er.” I mumble under my breath. I hear my one and a half year old daughter give the word her best try from her car seat behind me. “Dammit, Collette,” I think, careful to keep this one to myself. I’ve just pulled into the gym parking lot, only to realize I’ve forgotten to move the […]

  • To the Gen Zer in Seat 31D

    To the Gen Zer in Seat 31D

    I have never been to Knoxville until now. Or, I should say, 10p.m. last night. Rocketing through the storm soaked atmosphere of Tennessee at 500mph on a 787. The turbulence was batting us around like the little silver balls in the pinball machines of my grandmother’s basement we used to abuse as children. We’d slam […]

  • When the Work Might be BAD bad.

    When the Work Might be BAD bad.

    My mother has finished reading my novel. She is the first person to read the whole shebang. Of course she is: these are the kinds of things only mothers can be counted on to do (just ask Gustave Flaubert). What’s Lizzie’s great line? “I am half agony, half hope.” That’s me. It’s a first draft, […]

  • Where Would we Be Without Martyrs?

    Where Would we Be Without Martyrs?

    The Documentary that Got me Asking I grabbed the slender black remote, nixed the television, and leaned back on the couch to wipe my eyes. My heart was heavy–broken. It may seem strange for a heart to break over someone I don’t know, but I know the blocks that built the body of the stranger. […]

  • Make better.

    Make better.

    If you ever feel the fog settling in, always remember to ask yourself, “What can I make better?” Often it’s as simple as the little wrapper sitting on the coffee table that could get thrown away. Or maybe it’s the bed. They may be tiny, but they are better. And better, whatever degree, is better, […]

  • The Writing Truths we Forget to be True

    The Writing Truths we Forget to be True

    I can see him: the genius writer. He’s holed up somewhere with the kind of light that makes your eyes go bad and the kind of weather that makes you crave a good knit cardigan: oversized, of course. Outside, the wet clouds clap as he crushes out another stodgy cigarette. He hasn’t left his room […]

  • Alert: Clean filter

    Alert: Clean filter

    I tried to tell myself I’d just been busy, but I knew I’d hit an unparalleled level of spiritual dryness. It wasn’t for lack of trying, either. Ok, it was sort of from lack of trying. But I hadn’t done nothing. I’d picked up my devotionals every once and again, when the slight whisper of […]