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  • The Race of Faithfulness

    The Race of Faithfulness

    I’m reading my book. Not as in, my book of the month, one I pulled off the shelf at the charming but over-priced bookstore on Main Street. (Yes, my town has a true-blue Main Street, that is in fact the main street on which to be). I’m reading my book. I’ve finished my novel, you…

  • People My Age Aren’t Having Children.

    People My Age Aren’t Having Children.

    I’ve heard peers say that children mean the end of a life. I close my eyes, hoping she will mirror me. I think of all the things I would have been doing two years ago, before she came. In the sea of white noise, there is a gentle brushing on my hand as the tiny…

  • Year in Review: My Word for 2022

    Year in Review: My Word for 2022

    “Pshhhhhew.” My daughter’s tiny hand soared slowly in front of my face as she mimicked the fireworks she was witnessing for the first time. I watched her, baffled by her absolute lack of fear. She gets that from her father. I wrapped my arms around her a little tighter and closed my eyes, the artillery…

  • My Top 5 Books for Any Aspiring Writer

    My Top 5 Books for Any Aspiring Writer

    photo credit @1924usWhile the writing world is divided on prefaces, I’m going to start with one. Mostly to say that when it comes to writing, the best thing to do is to write. “How-To” books, in-person seminars, online courses, critique groups, and even brainstorming walks to the ice cream shop all serve as a means…

  • Alert: Clean filter

    Alert: Clean filter

    I tried to tell myself I’d just been busy, but I knew I’d hit an unparalleled level of spiritual dryness. It wasn’t for lack of trying, either. Ok, it was sort of from lack of trying. But I hadn’t done nothing. I’d picked up my devotionals every once and again, when the slight whisper of…

  • And just like that.

    And just like that.

    6/24/22:“…there was a commotion in the firmament, and the smallest of all the stars in the Milky Way screamed out.”

  • Dusting Off and Getting Up: a Rehearsal

    Dusting Off and Getting Up: a Rehearsal

    A deep sigh. Little shame filled cheeks glowing in front of a keyboard where little shame filled fingers flit before you now. I am back. A week ago, I told myself I had let the writing habit die, and before it’d even really gotten it’s first deep breath. Queue the familiar cloak of shame, which…

  • What Any Writer Can Learn from Holy Week

    What Any Writer Can Learn from Holy Week

    A Look at the Passion for Writing I was sitting on a plane, yellow highlighter at the ready, when I read one of the most influential book lines of my life. You know the kind: the ones you keep coming back to, the ones whose pages flop right open when settled on a desk. The…