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Some things are too terrible to feel. Somewhere in the deepest, most primitive part of the brain, a spark is lit; a mechanism switches on. The…

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The Moon and Me

She slaps a hard blade of ice white light across my eyes, peeking in from the highest corners of my bedroom windows.  “Let me be,” I tell her. “Don’t you…

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Make better.

If you ever feel the fog settling in, always remember to ask yourself, “What can I make better?” Often it’s as simple as the little wrapper…

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Alert: Clean filter

I tried to tell myself I’d just been busy, but I knew I’d hit an unparalleled level of spiritual dryness. It wasn’t for lack of trying,…

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Welcome, dear friend.

A word. Any word. Even the word, “word.” Whew…and just like that, all that heart-stopping, white-sick terror of the blank page is gone. They say a…

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